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Saturday, November 10, 2012


For those of you who liked and repinned my recipe in the Mobile Skillet contest, THANK YOU!! If you haven't voted yet, there is still time. The deadline is November 12 at 12 noon. (They are in Boston, so probably on Eastern Daylight Time; don't wait too long.) The top award (an app of your own recipes) will be based in part on the number of likes and repins that you receive, so I would very much appreciate the help of those of you who are members of Pinterest who haven't voted yet. It's easy to sign up if you want to try Pinterest. (Each LIKE and repin counts as one vote. Each person is allowed one like and one repin. (This link takes you directly to the contest page. My recipe, pictured below, was near the bottom in the 2nd column from the left, last time I checked, but they move around a bit.)

I added the recipe for my Crispy Braised Chicken Thighs with Sprouted Beans and Pumpkin Seeds to my original post here( so now you don't have to go to Pinterest to get it. I also added the nutrition data on my site. (Mobile Skillet doesn't show the counts.) It came out to an amazingly low 6.8 net grams of carbs as it is, but I put in a tip for a way to make it even lower.

Also, check out the Website for Mobile Skillet here (Love the logo!) They just released their first iPhone app and it went straight to #15 on Apple's Food and Drink Best Seller list! It is titled, Vegan Delish. If you agree that their second offering should be something like, Deliciously Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and Low Carb, then don't delay in casting your vote by LIKING or re-pinning my recipe so we can make it happen! Again, this link takes you directly to the contest page on Pinterest:

Thanks so much for your help!

(C) 2012, Judy Barnes Baker,

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